Shoemaking aspires for craftwork

Noriyuki Misawa’s bespoke shoes are made by hand, using only traditional methods with more than 100 years of history.
Making shoes entirely by hand is a very rare skill and can only be found in very few made-to-order shoe shops worldwide.
We use only the best quality leathers, sourced mainly from France and Italy. Combined with the authentic skill of our 
experienced craftsman and stylish designs, our customers are able to wear our shoes for many decades, essentially a lifelong partner. 



Completion of shoes: 6 months ~ 

  1. Please make a reservation and come to our workshop. After choosing your design, we will measure your feet. Please pay the full amount at this time.
  2. After a few months we will check with temporary shoes and will find correction points. (Only for made-to-order)*
  3. After completion of the shoes, please visit our workshop or office for pickup or choose direct delivery (delivery charges apply).
    *Off-site fittings are also possible via business trips by our employees. (Travel expenses are charged separately)